Careful through the Easter days – tip 23

Thanks for taking the time! You take care of yourself, you interrupt your everyday life with reading and rummaging through the tips from me, Stefanie Selke, professional coach in the middle of curfew. During corona time I give you free tested tips that will help you get through social isolation, quarantine and the home office.

More and more friends are noticing it up close, the Corona time brings stress, physical symptoms, depressive or aggressive moods to light. You can do something about it!

Write to me with pleasure, which tips you found best so far!

Tips that make you think, for a better mind-set or pragmatic exercises such as REST breathing or nutritional advice?

For the Easter days I give you an inspiration. I can’t get a sentence out of my head that is an interesting tip in several ways:

“How do you organize yourself?”

This question will probably inspire you to review how you plan and carry out your daily life. Is there enough time for a video meeting, for example, or do you need more time to prepare for it? When and how do you design breaks?

The question “How do you organize this … and how do you organize yourself” came as a complete surprise in a Feldenkrais course (online, of course). What was meant was a movement of arms and legs. “How do you manage to put your arms under your legs while sitting on the floor?” – In “Feldenkrais” it is about creating mobility, without pressure and without tension. It is a way of tracking down the tensions in the body. And you find easier ways to move. In doing so you question your patterns and impulses.

I have never wondered how my arm makes it to the ground. At that moment I scan my back, my shoulder, my legs. Where does the impulse to move begin and where am I tense, even though my jaw, for example, has nothing to do with the movement?

My tip of the day is accordingly:

Observe where you can organize yourself easier, better, without tension!

You can apply this to many areas:

  • Your body movements, when walking, when doing sports
  • when cooking, cleaning, working, telephoning
  • plan and execute projects
  • in thinking and maybe even breathing.

I hope this tip will inspire you over Easter. Maybe you will change stressful (movement) patterns and create space for an easy and joyful time at home with you!

I am looking forward to your comment! See you very soon here again!

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