Day of efficasy – Day 6

Weekend! Everything as usual. A normal Saturday, just without shopping, without visiting friends, without the espresso outside in the cafe, without a walk. I enjoy the peace and quiet, the freedom of not having to work today. At the open balcony door a soft wind blows and nature is audible. Where could it be better than here, with an ocean view and birds singing? It almost creates a holiday feeling. For amusement (and against sore muscles) there is Zumba-live today and I make the Instagram stream very loud. My first Zumba-hour. I’m glad that I’m allowed to do it WITHOUT spectators, but here alone, laughing loudly, clumsy and still connected with 37 others. Many thanks Monika! Next Zumba live course will be Monday, at 10h Tenerife time.

The good message of the day is also the tip of the day: We are effective!
Today the percentage number of new infections in Spain has decreased. So it seems to be true that we can all save lives by “staying at home”. I find this psychological challenge of isolation easier to bear if I understand the meaning of it. It has an effect, we don’t do it for nothing. We can draw all our strength and hope from it when we see an effect.
In psychology this is called self-efficacy. People need to feel effective in order to make sense of their lives. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t have to be something big. Even such small things as tidying up the apartment and finding out in the evening that I have done something today gives people a good feeling of effectiveness.
I feel better today because I feel like I’m part of something and efficacious. And by that I mean not only effective in Zumba for me and my body and my mood, but socially.

Why don’t you think about where you are effective at the weekend? Where do you find your actions meaningful? Maybe if you cook something good for yourself and your family? Or if you do sports for yourself, but I also do them at work when you support colleagues? Or you feel connected to a group that does something good for society and the environment.
With this in mind, I wish everyone a wonderful, efficacious weekend!

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