Emotional moments – day 15

Goose bumps and tears came to my eyes on the balcony when I heard the convoy with Ambulancia, police and public order office with sirens driving through the village. Everyone in the village clapped out of their windows or from their balconies.

I am touched by this sympathy and helpfulness here. Perhaps I am more sensitive than in normal times. I am grateful for those who continue to work, who are committed and who expose themselves to the risk of infection. And it touches me that the neighbours feel the same way. This is how I understand gossip. One wants to do something and express appreciation. And that gives you that satisfied feeling, just as giving presents makes you happy.

Maybe this is also a reason why many people get involved and give knowledge, offer voluntary and free advice or do shopping for the elderly. By the way, if you can still go out and get involved, you could contact the German Red Cross or the blackboards, donate blood or help in the supermarket. Being active creates psychological stability.

Knowing that there are sometimes catastrophic conditions around me (which are actually always somewhere in the world!), my Recreation Sunday is hardly restful. Being busy is almost easier than prescribed rest or emotional balcony interruptions.

Yes, I spent most of the Sunday lying down, but lying alone does not make for a relaxing day. To switch off I like to distinguish between active recreation and passive relaxation. I personally recover actively with sports, by building up an Ikea wardrobe at friends, by building a fence at the dog place or dancing to loud music. Brain and body do something new and are at best in flow. A state where we simply do something we like to do and do it well. For passive relaxation I need a calm mind, a sauna, the sea or a good massage. With an emotionally full head and body, it is better to first work off and then get on the couch. In the end a book, a fictional novel about a student flat in Chemnitz, provided me with the necessary distraction. At most far away from my current situation.

With emotions, active relaxation and happiness I wish you the good feeling to be at the right place.
See You tomorrow!

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