Just have fun – Day 4

This morning it went haywire. I read too many reports about Corona and curfews and didn’t follow my own advice from yesterday, but started the day with a dose of stress. My head cinema was turned on. Before I really panicked, I breathed REST and then this day became the day of phone calls. It was good to talk to friends and be in touch. Even when it was about serious topics, from the general handling of the crisis in Germany to very personal financial crises and fears. Also hearing the worries and thoughts of others created a connection and closeness. And I need closeness! This is becoming clearer to me every day.
My dog helps me there. Lucky me, I know! Stroking dogs and cats leads directly to the release of the so-called happiness hormones. But my dog also wants to get out, run, sniff. Just don’t go as usual. And so I am forced to think of alternatives: hiding games in the flat and of course he gets treats when he finds his stuffed duck. The dog is happy, and so are the people.

I also I tried another distraction today: Live online sports in Instagram.Thanks for the tip from the comments. And Besitos to the Instagramer @cdlajuradahinojeros & @djcarlosnavarro.
These guys made me laugh heartily. It was not just a fitness program via video! In between jokes were made and the most important thing: always loud music with you! I already know this from the real fitness studios here. Every fitness trainer is actually a DJ, the choice of music and volume seems at least as important as the exercises. My head is blown free again, I am clearer and more determined: Yes, I will get through this – and you on the mainland, in Germany and all countries with curfew too!
Today my self-preservation and the heeding of all 8 tips (LINK) was the main focus for me personally, but I am already working on the next scientifically based tip!
Until then: Stay stable and move until you laugh!

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