Quarantine instead of vacation – Day 1

Now actual quarantines, house arrest, total silence!
Normally I work as a management coach in companies, now I have to follow my knowledge and all tips myself: “Walk what You talk”! To be honest, the upcoming period will be challenging for me, because I love my job and people around me and understandably, all responsible managers in the companies cancelled meetings with external consultants like me. No personal meetings are allowed, because of Corona danger. Now nothing is possible, no more fun, over and out. All communication is only desired digitally. “Then I’ll work from my home office and go to my Easter vacation spot early,” I thought and set off. Now I am stuck on the Canary Island of Tenerife.
A holiday apartment in the south of this Canary Island is not the worst place for a home office. But at the weekend Spain declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew. You are only allowed to leave the house here for shopping and – luckily I have a dog! – go for a walk and take out the garbage. So how do I get through this time and cope this extraordinary situation? What do I do now? How do I stay calm? How can people best survive a quarantine and even use it for themselves? What really helps? And how do I prevent a depressive mood, because nobody can say exactly how long this emergency will last. I have read a lot, informed myself, sorted and I want to put the best results into practice myself!
Here they are – all psycho tips and measures summarized. So-called coping strategies, which should improve “life in crisis” and also prevent impending depression:

  1. Recognize your own panic and interrupt it actively.
  2. Develop a positive mind set.
  3. Reduce your stress level and provide relaxation.
  4. Restructure your everyday life.
  5. Take actively care for your health.
  6. Stay in touch – Care for your relationships.
  7. Adopt a de-escalating attitude.
  8. Live your life according to your needs.

I will test every tip on myself. Even though I am not in quarantine, but only under curfew, day 1 of the emergency already feels very oppressive. But with my coaching experience and psychological know-how I should be able to apply these tips on my own, shouldn’t I? I will report here – and reflect my tips, tricks and experiences with you. Comments welcome.

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