Taking breaks is not so easy

Recreation, getting out of work mode and doing something good for me – that was the plan for the weekend. I don’t quite get it. Somehow I’m still reachable, want to “work off” something quickly and then at lunch the glass with pesto falls on the floor. A nice mixture of oil and shards and somehow the dog, who is happy that it happens at all, is right in the middle of it.

The good thing is that I can’t fight back. Cleaning up and cleaning up get priority. No time to think about whether I can finally lie down on the sofa with a book and cookies (because it’s Saturday). No inner to-do list that I want to have completed by the end of the quarantine, because “you finally have time for that now”. Time to clean up, try out healthy recipes for cooking, train daily for a chin-up or the tax return… For this separator, i.e. this interruption, I am grateful in retrospect. The glass of pesto on the floor as a decision aid.

“Sometimes as a coach, I’m like the glass of pesto,” it goes through my head. I am the interruption in the hamster wheel, the throwback to what is really important. Only I ask the questions more carefully.
I don’t go so far as to wish someone a similar mishap in the household! Fortunately, there is a method to pretend… And I can use that thought every minute. The inner stop sign, which may appear in phases of stress, dissatisfaction or overload in you. Use it to collect yourself, to ask yourself what you actually need or wanted to do today. And then start with that.

I am sorted after cleaning and I plan (attention spoilers) to spend the whole day in bed or on the sofa tomorrow. Drinking tea instead of writing tips. In this sense, after the weekend I continue with a tip on “Shape your life according to your needs” and I report whether the lazy day was successful.
It will be a very special tip! I once thought that the curfew would be over and I will give this coaching tip into the new freedom. Far from it. This curfew will continue and will become a catalyst for many ideas and plans. Nobody knows how the priorities in the world will change in the coming months. Not even Matthias Horx, although his vision in Article 48 is a reassuring one: We have learned and are more appreciative, digital and human at the same time? We shall see!

The best weekend greetings into your 4 walls. See you very soon!

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