Two kilos later – tip 22

Today is already my 24th day of curfew and a side effect is just becoming a problem: many are gaining weight! According to calculations the domestic loneliness brings us about 2 kg per month. If we eat the same food as in our everyday life before.

Therefore my tip of the day is very concrete:

Eat differently than your body tells you to.

Anyone who knows me knows that I could do with an extra two kilos. I tend to find it difficult to gain weight. On the contrary, under stress I forget to eat and tend to lose weight. A few grams more can only be gained by eating consciously and regularly. I know that I do not get any pity for that. That is why it is now also about you:

What kind of food guy are you? During this time it is worthwhile to pay attention to what and how much you eat. Here are some concrete tips for all those who suffer from “Corona hunger” at home:

  • Make sure you eat at regular times. Two to five meals a day are healthy.
  • Take protein in every meal, i.e. pulses, eggs, fish, meat, curd cheese, cheese, soya products, nuts and almonds.
  • Recommended is 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight (normal weight), i.e. at 70 kg I should consume 70 g of protein. An egg has about 7 g, a handful of almonds 5 g and through 100 g brown lentils we consume 24 g of healthy protein.
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol and “empty” carbohydrates. This prevents you from getting into the “ravenous hunger spiral”.
  • For each meal, think about a fruit or vegetable and a protein, which you like to combine, e.g. yoghurt with fresh fruit, chickpea curry with broccoli, peppers pickled in good olive oil, zucchini and mushrooms with parmesan cheese, etc.
  • Avoid smoothies and sweet drinks, because liquid fruit sugar is absorbed too much in a short time, which causes the blood sugar to rise. One or two hours later, the sugar level sinks again and the next desire to eat comes up.
  • Bitter, slightly spicy vegetables such as chicory, dandelion, ginger and sour fruit such as grapefruit and pineapple can help to overcome ravenous appetite. Green tea or coffee can also help to bridge a hunger attack.

My measure is not to take my luxury coffee several times a day and to stick to one portion! Even if there is enough food and luxury food available in the supermarkets, I do not want to give in to the increasing addiction. It is better to take a variety of nutrients in the form of different vegetables, mushrooms, lentils and dairy products! It is better to cut a potato into scrambled eggs in the morning as a carbohydrate than to have cookies with my coffee as a “second breakfast”.

I wish you lightness in your attentive eating during the Corona time! Maybe you just ask yourself first:

What did you eat today?

How did you eat today?

What is your measure? And at which point would you like to try out one of the tips?

Enjoy your meal! And come back before Easter for another tip!

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